10-12-2015 ECB Meeting Minutes.pdf

11-19-2015 RAC Meeting Minutes.pdf

11-19-2015 Voice Logging Meeting Minutes.pdf

2016 Insurance premium.pdf

2016\Clifton Larson audit - 2016.pdf

Policy #8 - Process to Join Voicelogging.pdf

RSM audit proposal.pdf

Smith Schaefer Audit Proposl.pdf

State of MN audit proposal.pdf

Voicelogging transfer of ownership form for Other.pdf
December 2015 ECB financials.pdf
January ECB Financials.pdf


Application Information Sheet.docx
FINAL Spring Grove tower.pdf
Houston Co MN - MW Radio Review 2-8-2016.pdf
Houston Co MN - MW Radio Review 3-31-2016.pdf
Houston Co MN - MW Review attachments.pdf
Houston Co MN - MW Review attachments Mar 2016.pdf
Letter for grant.docx
QP135575_MS HoustonPTP Estimate 032116.pdf
RFCC Invoice Houston Co MN 3-28-2016.pdf
RFCC Proposal - Houston Co MN 1-25-2016.pdf



2016 Dodge Application Information Sheet.pdf

Change Management Standard Rewrite -- DRAFT v-6 -- 2016-03-28.pdf

Change Management Standard Rewrite -- DRAFT v-7 -- 2016-05-27.pdf

Dodge County BDA Grant.pdf

OTC Statewide SOAR Workgroup.pdf

Governance Communication - Planning - govt - yellow book.pdf

Signed Governance Communication.pdf


 Item #2 & 4 - 1.15.2015 Meeting Minutes
 Item # 3 -  12.22.2014 Special Meeting Minutes
 Item # 6.g. - 2014 Regional Grant wish list
 Item # 7 - Mike Peterson COML Taskbook
 Item # 8 - Mower County Participation Plan Amendment


2014 SHSP
Limited Interoperability Participation Plan ARMER - City of La Crosse 4-    (2).docx


On Target System Admin Training Proposal.pdf

SE RAC System Admin Proposal Aug 2015.pdf

System Admin Syllabus (1) (3).pdf


2015 City of Rochester SHSP Application Information Sheet 110415.docx
2015 Mower SHSP Application Information Sheet - Mower.docx
2015 Olmsted SHSP Application Information Sheet - Olmsted.docx

Fillmore Application 10-28-15.docx

Fillmore County Radio Quote.pdf

LTE Broadband Exercise Invite (3).pdf

Olmsted QU0000337346 10 AXP Portables 10 APX Mobiles 10-14-15.pdf

QU0000321939 APX-6000 W- Encryption  Rochester 5-27-15.pdf


SECB Legislative Committee Request.docx

2010 SHSP Grant 00775 Grant contract and info 
Joint Powers Agreement
PSAP Grant Contract - Revision  
Reallocation Policy and Forms
Revision of Grant 2011 intentions 
RRB Financials 0611

2012 Finance Charges -Olmsted County   
SEMNRRB 2012 estimated costs   
Houston County Local Enhancement spending plan V2
MCIT - 2012 Notice letter and estimated amount
RRB Financials 0911
Talk Groups - Mill Lacs


RRB Grant Summary and Due dates
2005 LE Grant
2013 ECN Grant
MNGP and PINGP Limited Participation Plan 3-18-14


2014 RAC Membership-Contact List 11.18.14  WORD
Programming and preferred site survey 20141030  WORD